Koenigsegg 2016 Owners Tour

Koenigseggs are particularly rare machines, even before someone crashes one. The company doesn’t build many, and the ones they do aren’t built quickly. This rarity makes the company’s inaugural Koenigsegg gathering a special event.

The event attracted 13 cars and their owners to Koenigsegg’s home of Denmark. The owners toured around the country, and got to spend some time on a runway with their cars. To put into perspective how few Koenigseggs are in the world, the cars at the event represented just over 10 percent of the company’s total production. That means there are fewer than 150 cars around the globe.

When you learn that Koenigsegg only builds about one car a month, it becomes easier to understand the small numbers. That slow production has also led to quite a backlog. According to a recent tweet from the company, if you were to order a car today, you wouldn’t get it until two and a half years later. But the tweet also indicated that Koenigsegg wants to expand production.

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