Watch YG & His Crew Take Over Tokyo

YG has truly arrived this summer, and he’s showing no signs of slowing down. Last month he finally released his highly anticipated sophomore effort Still Brazy to glowing reviews. Then just two weeks ago he gave us a visual for the title track, one that saw he and his Compton crew dancing like no one (or everyone) was watching. Now YG has taken his crew to Tokyo for a deliriously giddy visual for “Word Is Bond.”

He brought along Slim 400 too, who delivers an ecstatic guest verse at the end of the track. Think about their trip as the opposite of the one featured in the contemporary classic Lost in Translation, where instead of melancholy we have YG, Slim, et al bouncing around the Japanese capital like its their personal bounce-house and they’re four bottles of sake deep.

The video also features laugh out loud funny Japanese subtitles with accompanying English translations, breaking down each one of YG’s bars into dictionary perfect explanations. We’re just jealous we weren’t along for the ride.