Cannes Lions Innovation Film: The Mill BLACKBIRD

Up until now, if you wanted to shoot a car for a commercial or movie, you needed that actual car on-set. With The Mill Blackbird Transformable Car Rig, you can shoot any car you want using a single tool. The result of two years of development, the Blackbird can adjust its length by four feet and width by ten inches, and can swap out wheels and alter suspension to match most chassis designs. It’s powered by an electric motor that can be programmed to match the driving experience of nearly any vehicle, and packs a camera array and 3D laser scanner to generate a virtual model of the surrounding environment for even more realistic CG renderings. The result is the ability to film any car you can dream of, rendered perfectly, without needing to track one down, and even swap in different/updated models easily without having to reshoot a single frame.

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